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Bug Fair

German and I swung by the Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum last weekend, which was a merry chaos of kids, creepy crawlers and creepy bug enthusiasts. That’s unfair – they weren’t creepy, just really into bugs.To get any feel for the melee, you have to see it. Here are my pics from the event. Speaking of groups you’ve never heard of, these two made an appearance:

S.C.A.B.I.E.S (Southern California Arachnid, Bug, Invertebrate, Entomological Society) – If you weren’t already convinced that the internet has created a place for every taste, this pretty much settles it. SCABIES has 309 registered users. Among discussion board topics:

David & Nesh’s Naughty Burrow
Be afraid. Be very afraid. This is where DavidRS and Nbond1986 let down their hair. 18+!!!!

Foreign Consulate
Going to be visiting Southern California? Let us know so we can arrange to meet and or hunt/hike with you!

You do WHAT with bugs!?
Breeding Forum. Find mates. Report on breeding projects. Plan group breeding projects

DANG! That Stings!
Bite, sting, and other damage reports… where *venom* gets to meet the meat!

SF BATS (San Francisco Bay Area Tarantula Society) – “Northern California’s premier invertebrate society” – You have to click through and check out the enormous tarantula on the Golden Gate Bridge – AWESOME!! 

Besides the fringe groups, I was struck by the sheer number of vendors dealing in mounted butterflies. Apparently, only the rare butterflies are still captured by daring adventurers stalking them in the jungle (and these butterflies are usually endangered and traded illegally). There are now huge butterfly farms where the prettiest specimens are snapped up and tossed in the freezer right as they emerge from their cocoons, before they have a chance to damage their lovely wings. There’s quite a market for them.

There were also a number of people raising butterflies native to Southern California, including the official state insect – the California dogface butterfly or dog head (Zerene eurydice). Here’s a video of the Dogface’s lifecycle by a guy we met at the event who is also a sound technician. He gets props for being the first person I’ve seen with a sign that says: “As seen on Youtube.” After all, “As seen on TV” is SO 1990.

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