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The new face of California

Sometimes I kind of forget how much I’ve changed and how much the world around me has changed. I spent my childhood in Sonoma – officially one of the whitest towns in California – and my college years in Portland – a town that, despite its professed love of diversity, has the same ethnic make-up of Salt Lake City. You don’t think about it so much when you’re a kid, but I got to thinking after reading this article from earlier this year: Sonoma Grows More Diverse.

This would be shocking to most Angelenos, but between the ages of 0-22, I only met and got to know three black people. Then again, my boyfriend, who grew up in LA, admitted to me that I’m the first white person he’s ever gotten to know very well. He whipped out his year book – there were literally no more than a dozen white people in the whole school.

So why am I getting so pensive about this? Actually, it’s because I found something funny and then started to wonder if my friends would think it was funny too. I was phone banking for LAUSD school board candidate Luis Sanchez and I picked up one of his flyers. I’ll let you take a look:

For how many years, have we all joked about how political campaigns are always ridiculous in their heavy-handed attempt at total diversity – there’s always a token black person, a token old person, a token Asian person, a token person in a wheel chair…Well, my friends, the day has arrived – we now have the token white person.

I’ll close this out with a quote from Glee’s Sue Sylvester: “I love minorities. In fact, I love them so much I’m thinking about moving to California so I can become one.”


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