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Hands down, the best item ever left on my car windshield

I’m all for targeted advertising. Google, please allow me to give you all my personal information so I won’t be bothered by advertisements for diapers, treatments for balding or Justin Bieber’s latest CD, all of which are clearly not intended for me. Google clearly cares, but the people who leave flyers on my car seem to do so with little concern for who I am as a person and the sorts of products I might be interested in purchasing. Adriana’s Insurance, I’m talking to you. I am also not interested in borderline-illegal weight loss products, the junky house for sale down the street nor selling my gold (if I had any!).
So imagine my surprise when I walked out to my car and discovered this:
“The golden lamb” restaurant offering me the opportunity to purchase an entire lamb cooked in a hole. Now we’re talking. Borrego de Oro, you better believe you’ll be hearing from me as soon as I have 20 friends in Los Angeles “una ocacion especial.” You can leave a flyer on my car anytime!



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