El Tepeyac: Take 2

My neighbor recently read my blog post on El Tepeyac (Bigger is better, except if it’s not authentic) and asked me why I was so tough on El Tepeyac. In all fairness, I did give El Tepeyac another shot and found it better on the second and third go-rounds. We ordered a burrito drenched in enchilada sauce and it worked out pretty well, so officially, my three stars review still holds, but it’s not like I won’t go to eat there on a Friday night when the meal budget is $5 each.
I decided to take a more positive spin on the restaurant reviewing however and actively support some of my favorite restaurants here in East LA. Soooo…if you’re looking for something BESIDES El Tepeyac (which is NEVER hard up for business), here are a few of my picks!

Best places to eat Mexican food in East LA besides El Tepeyac


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