I remember it well – the day I received my 2003 recall ballot in the mail. Proud to be a Californian? Try amused. We were the laughing stock of the nation, but what did we care? We had great tans, great wine and great movie stars, none of whom appeared on that particular ballot.

I was going to school in Oregon at the time and my fellow students were very amused by my ballot which had listed among the candidates an exotic dancer, a sumo wrestler and Larry Flynt. Later that week, we’d catch an episode of Jay Leno featuring 90 of 135 of the gubernatorial candidates. They pretty much filled up the audience.

But then life went on, Microsoft Word learned to recognize and correct the name “Schwarzenegger” and we all sort of forgot about how our Governor used to be this sort of ridiculous movie star. Until…this Japanese commercial was brought to my attention:

Wait, there’s more.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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