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First impressions of LA

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First impressions are largely visual, so I think photos are probably the most accurate view through my eyes I can give. All of these were taken with my camera phone during my first couple of weeks down here.

The photo below is an exception. It was taken with a real camera from the look-out above Mulholland Drive. If you turn around, you see the Hollywood sign behind you.

Los Angeles

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The soundtrack to the return

That first entry took a kind of serious tone, but no worries, I have no fear of the light side. On that note (pun intended, blame my father), here are a couple tunes to get you in that California state of mind.

The Going Back to California mega-mix

The OC Song – because what’s more So-Cal than that?

You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

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Cruzando la frontera

First of all, apologies to anyone to whom this blog post is the first news of my return to my home state of California. I’ve been a bit of an underachiever in communication lately. Not only have I moved from Mexico City back to Northern California, but a month ago, I moved from Sonoma to the Los Angeles.

For out-of-staters, that may not seem so dramatic, but us Californians have a long-standing feud between the north and south. Our DMZ is probably around San Luis Obispo, where the “border” is just a construct and chilled out surfer boys and conservative Christian girls hook up at Cal Poly house parties.

When I told people in Sonoma/Bay Area I was moving south, most said, “Why?” Then they usually mentioned how awful the traffic is, how shallow people are and pointed out there are lots of Republicans down there. Perhaps the signature comment was made by Caspian when I said my boyfriend lives down here: “Wow, you must really like the guy!”

To illustrate the depth of the split California psyche, I’ll just point you to an art exhibition from 2000 called “Historical Works from the Great War of the Californias” by Sandow Birk. The series of paintings, propaganda posters, topographical maps, ship models and portraits of key military figures illustrate a fictional war between northern and southern California. 

When sarcastic barbs were exchanged for weapons. MAY WE NEVER FORGET!!!

This blog is meant to be a reconciliation of sorts between my various homes: Sonoma, CA, Mexico City, and now, Los Angeles, bringing light and understanding to all who read it. That might be a stretch, so I’ll just aim for getting you to chuckle out loud in your cubicle at work and maybe occasionally to scratch your head and say, “Gee whiz, never thought of it that way.”

Northern friends, I have crossed California. I am in the belly of the beast and truthfully it’s pretty nice. There are lots of palm trees. More insights coming soon.

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